William Huyler – Getting Creative When You Take Photos on Holiday

When it comes to taking photos on vacation there are many of us who get this wrong. By wrong I mean that they take images which they are never going to look at again and which wouldn’t make an album if you decided to put one together. No matter where you go around the world, taking photos of yourself on vacation is a great way to remember the moment and to conjure up memories when you look at those images a long way in the future.

Around 10 years ago I was watching an interview with the photographer William Huyler who spoke about how many people waste their time taking bad images, which is why we should all get more creative when we go away.

Google Images

There are some shots which have already been taken a million times which just don’t need to be taken anymore. If they feature you at a great landmark then of course take the shot, but if you are snapping images of the white buildings of Santorini or the Eiffel Tower on its own, there really isn’t anything that you are going to capture which hasn’t been captured already.

Food Tourism

Unless you are served the most visually appealing and fascinating dish that you have ever seen in your life, there really is no point whatsoever in taking images of every meal that you eat abroad. Whilst this may seem to be exciting at the time, the reality is that you are going to get absolutely no value for that image in the future and unless you happen to be a food blogger, there is really no need for you to ruin meal time by snapping a shot of every single plate which comes your way.

People Over Places

Sunsets and sunrise are great times of the day, but they happen all of the time, landscapes are great too, but they don’t really do much for you in 10 years when you are looking over your holiday photographs. The best kind of images to take are of you and your family, these are the features of the vacation which will not be there forever. If you switch the focus from places to people then you are going to get some much better images and images which will actually serve you in the future. Don’t waste your time taking images of the sea or a nice scene, focus instead on the soul of the vacation, which of course is the people who are partaking in it.

Sucking the Fun Out

Ultimately the longer that you spend on taking shots of landscapes and food options, the less time that you will spend being present with your friends and family during your trip. This is something which you have to avoid in order to spend the very best time with your fellow travelers. Nobody wants the fun sucked out of their vacation by a happy snapper.