Vape Products for Beginners

When you hear someone talking about vaping, what do they mean? The fact is that people use the term vaping to describe anything from using a cigarette-like product up to using a more advanced personal vaporizer (PV) device. If you’re new to vape products and thinking about jumping into something, this article will give you a better idea of what to expect.

The Cig-a-like

As the name suggests, a cig-a-like is a smaller version of a traditional cigarette that closely follows the shape and style. This is their first step into vaping for many people because it’s easy to use, they feel familiar with it, and they may have tried to quit smoking using these previously. They are also very easy to use; inhale on the device just as you would a regular cigarette. Many flavors are available for these devices, and they come in different nicotine levels ranging from no-nicotine up to medium strength nicotine. Wherever you are in the world, it’s easy to pick up a cig-a-like because they are now pretty much everywhere.

The Cartridge Style

Cigarette-style vaporizers are now less popular as cartridge-style devices have come to take their place. Many people find these more convenient and easy to use because the cartridges only need to be replaced when empty, unlike the traditional e-cigarettes, which need to be charged up and refilled with e-liquid.

Cartridge-style devices are more popular than cig-a-likes because they give users a better experience when vaping their favorite flavors. Most of the time, these cartomizers or cartridges come preloaded with e-juice, but it’s also possible for users to refill them with their vape juice. This style of vaping is becoming more and more popular because it allows the user to easily switch flavors or e-juices whenever they want to.

Variable Voltage Batteries

One of the great things about electronic cigarettes is that technology has allowed companies to use a standard power source but create different voltage levels. This means that users can monitor how much voltage their batteries are putting out, which allows them to change the strength of the throat hit they get from vaping.

Variable power devices come in all shapes and sizes. Still, some popular choices include mini box mods or larger two-piece e-cigarettes, which may be suitable for people who want something a little more powerful.

Unregulated or Mechanical Mods

Unregulated mods are a bit of a step up from variable power devices because they allow users to control the amount of current which flows from their batteries when vaping. This will enable people to control how much vapor is produced, but it also allows them to make small adjustments to their vaping, which gives a different effect.

An unregulated mod is a little more dangerous than other devices because it doesn’t have built-in safety features. This means that users need to take extra care when using these devices and understand their risks before buying or using one.

Variable wattage devices are a step up from variable voltage devices because they allow users to regulate the power output from their batteries. This means that it’s much easier to produce a consistent vaping experience and adjust to different strengths as needed.