Rose Burillo – Things to Expect From The Mexicans

Whilst it is never fair to generalize an entire nation of people, having lived in Mexico for as long as I have there are a few tongue-in-cheek comments which I feel that I can say about tis amazing group of people. I love Mexicans, they have such a joy for life and I have found myself very at home in Mexico City.

If any of you are planning on visiting Mexico however, there are a couple of characteristics of the locals which you can expect to see. Here is what I have learned about the Mexicans, in the main, since I moved here 6 years ago.

Kissed With a Lie

There is a saying that it is much better to be punched with the truth than kissed with a lie, yet this is not something that happens much in Mexico. I must say that nobody here will tell you a little lie because they want to cause you harm or damage, but rather because they don’t eat to disappoint you. For example if you ask someone directions and they don’t know, they may make them up just to keep you happy, at least in the short term. Additionally Mexicans are known for accepting an invitation even if they have no intention of going to the event, again, so as not to disappoint.

Food Centric

A great tip which my friend Rose Burillo gave me before I arrived in Mexico, was that I should never eat before going to an event. No matter if it is a birthday, funeral, wedding anniversary or a family party, there will always be lots of food to enjoy. Each event will have food choices which is why you should turn up hungry. Not only will they make sure that there is food, they will make sure that there is plenty of food for everyone at the event.


Something which I will always tell my friends about the Mexicans is just how welcoming they can be. This is absolutely the finest attribute which they have and they are great at making foreigners feel at home. Even when I am using my broken Spanish, they will often comment on how well I speak and they will actively help me to improve all of the time.


I have always loved the resourcefulness and the entrepreneurial spirit which so many Mexicans have. This can be seen on the streets every single day, and it won’t take long for you to spot. When it rains for example, which it does a lot in Mexico City, you will find people selling umbrellas within minutes. There is such a can-do attitudes which so many Mexicans have and it is one of my favorite of their characteristics.

These are just some of the observations which I have made about the Mexicans in my time here, and I have no doubt that you will see the same thing if you visit.