Lookout For These Warning Signs From An Air Cooler

The summer season brings with it bouts of warm breeze and increasing temperatures, making an air cooler a must-have in any household. In most parts of India, the air cooler is used not just in the summer heat but even during monsoon or other times when the heat is unbearable. With brands like Crompton, you get a range of air coolers like the window cooler, tower coolers, personal cooler or the desert cooler. Whichever option you may pick, it needs to be properly cared for.

Air coolers function optimally when it is brand new, but issues may crop up depending on the usage and conditions over time. Most often, your air cooler will provide signs that indicate that there could be a problem brewing. Ignoring these tell-tale signs could mean a complete breakdown or worse.

So if you have an air cooler that’s been used for several months or shows one of the warning signs below, we suggest you call for an expert to look into it.

The Air Cooler Is Blowing Hot Air

As the name suggests, air coolers are meant to provide cool air, and if you notice that the device is blowing hot air, this is an obvious sign that it needs professional repairs. The inability of the air cooler to provide cool air could be due to imminent breakdowns. Sometimes, it may seem minimal but if the cooler is not properly cooling down the room, call the air conditioner repair right away.

There Are Leaks, or the Cooler Seems Moist

Air coolers like the cooling tower, desert cooler, or even the personal cooler/window cooler have different tank capacities. You need to ensure that the water levels inside the tank do not go below the indicated level for smooth functioning. While it uses water to provide cool air, there should be no leaks or signs of moisture outside the cooler. So if you notice water collection near the cooler or signs of leakage/moisture on the surface, it is time to have a maintenance check.

It Is Producing a Foul Odour

Does your room smell musty or have a foul smell when the air cooling is switched on? Often, this could be due to mosquitoes, tiny insects or dust getting inside the air cooler. However, that’s not the only reason for the foul smell, and it is best to get proper help.

With air coolers from brands like Crompton, the easy cleaning for the ice chamber ensures optimum cooling. Crompton air coolers come with an Everlast pump that makes sure there is no damage to the device due to hard water, which is a feature that’s not commonly found in coolers but very beneficial to have. Most importantly, these also have mosquito nets and dust filter, so you can rest assured your cooler gives you a fresh and cool breeze.

The Cooler Seems to Be Heating Up

For most tower coolers or personal coolers, the device is built to withstand tough conditions. But have you recently noticed that your air cooler is heating up after some use, or it is impossible to touch the surface? Air coolers like the tower cooler or desert cooler are built to make sure you can use them even in the kitchen without worrying about a fire hazard. Even the window cooler or a personal cooler often come with superior materials that shouldn’t heat up easily.

If the device is heating up, this could be a sign of urgent repairs. An air cooler’s surface should always be at room temperature, and any signs of heating mean the device is not performing in optimum conditions. Have a maintenance checkup to get this fixed.

Noises When the Air Cooler Is On

Gone are the days when switching on the air cooler meant an added disturbance to your schedule. With efficient modern cooling, you will hardly notice any sound from your air cooler even when it performs at its optimum. But if you start noticing your air cooler emitting a strange noise or sounds of friction, it could be time for a maintenance check.

The squeaking or grinding noise of the air cooler can be replaced with some cleaning and tightening of the device. Remember, this will help keep the cooler in good condition and, if caught early, can save you on significant repair charges.

The Electricity Bills Are Unusually High

Do you notice an unusual surge in your electricity bills? While it is okay for a small spike during the summer seasons with the added usage of air coolers, fans or other household appliances, it should not be unusually high. If you notice high fluctuations in your electricity bills when the air cooler is being used, this could be a warning sign. With several personal coolers, cooling towers and window coolers now being high on energy-efficiency, your electricity bill need not spike up too much. If the air cooler seems to be using too much energy, it could be a sign that there is something wrong.

Air coolers come with innovative designs and technology, which helps you get superior cooling with high energy savings. If you are looking for the best air coolers in India go for a trusted brand like Crompton.


With proper maintenance and servicing, you can ensure your air cooler can last years and be there for you whenever you need it. Say goodbye to the hot summers with sweat-free and comfortable cooling with air coolers and live a relaxed life.

Post Author: Michael Ryan