Earnity and BitNile’s Giant Stride Into the Future for Dan Schatt

Earnity, a California-based crypto investment startup, had a successful launch. It is already working to continue developing its online platform into a market where people can earn, collect, research, and reward portfolios of digital assets and tokens plus interact with other users with similar interests.

Earnity founders Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa have shown their dedication to providing people more control of their hard-earned money through an easy-to-access and easy-to-use platform that is also highly secure. In addition, people can also learn more about crypto and earn and exchange crypto assets while using the platform.

Last year, Earnity took a giant leap into the future as it teamed up with Bitcoin mining firm BitNile. On December 6, the companies closed $15 million in stocks. But for Domenic Carosa, Dan Schatt, and the rest of the Earnity team, this milestone is only the beginning of even bigger things to come.

Over at BitNile, things are also shaping up for the better. The firm’s executive vice president for alternative investments, Christopher Wu, will join the board of directors of Earnity to help them plan joint ventures for the development and co-promotion of other DeFi protocols and products and NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

Meanwhile, BitNile’s publicly traded parent company, Ault Global Holdings, will be dividing itself into two companies. The industry will see the business side, Ault Alliance, given to its stockholders, and the Bitcoin mining half, BitNile, forging onward as a data center to pursue mining and DeFi-centered goals.

The future has never looked brighter, and a lot of people feel it is because of the Earnity and BitNile partnership. Users of the Earnity platform can expect to experience a more accessible yet more secure avenue as they go about their crypto and DeFi business in a trusted, safe, and highly-interactive online environment.