Do You Want to Create Your Own Pixel Art?

There are over 10,000 free artworks to help you color cells and enjoy your pixel art game. Did you know you can also create your own pixel art through a few simple steps? You can never run out of options with this color by number game.

If you want to create your own pixel art, the steps are pretty simple. On your pixel art app, select create. You can capture a new image or take it from your gallery. Use your two figures to zoom the image so that you can see the cells with numbers. Then use the magic wand and color splash to paint your photo as desired.

This article looks at pixel art, its features, how to create your pixel art, and how to color by number on your pixel app. Read on for more.

What is pixel art?

Pixel art is digital art that you create using software. You edit the pixel art images on the pixel level. The aesthetic of the game is from the 8-Bit and 16-bit video game consoles and computers. You use a process known as spriting to change or create pixel art characters for the video game.

Features of the pixel art game

  • Pixel art coloring game has a wide range of artworks for your selection. They include flowers, sweets, color by number mandalas, unicorns, and many others. The coloring pages range from easy to the most challenging. Therefore, the game is suitable for both beginners and advanced players.
  • You can turn your photos into pixel art by using a pixel art camera and picture maker. The app allows you to select from the gallery some images and selfies you already have and pixelated them. You can also take pixel art pictures using the pixel art camera. The game also allows you to color by number all your images for free.
  • You are free to create your pixel art. The game provides you with over 10000 free 3D artworks. However, if you still want to explore more, the color by number game further allows you to create your pixel art with the free coloring games. You will never feel you are out of options.
  • Pixel art is easy to play and paint. The game has an intuitive design that is simple and clear. You can easily understand the coloring gameplay even if you are a beginner.
  • The game provides regular picture updates in your gallery. With pixel art, you always have fresh pictures every new day. You also receive new coloring pages daily.
  • There are color by number tools that make the game more enjoyable. You can drop color splash and paint certain areas or use the magic wand for painting the same color cells.
  • Quickly share your timelapse game video on social media platforms. You can also email the short videos to your friends so that they can see the beautiful paintwork you have done.
  • Pixel art game has 3D coloring artworks. The color by number 3D tools makes the game more fun and entertaining.

How to Create Your Pixel Art

You can create your pixel art through simple steps as listed below:

  1. First, download the pixel art app. On the lower right-hand side, you will see a creative option. Tap on it.
  2. There is a camera that will come on your screen. You can capture a new photo using the pixel art camera or select from the gallery the pictures you already have.
  3. You can then use the photo for coloring.
  4. With your two figures, zoom the numbers on your screen to see the cells and start coloring.
  5. Use the magic wand and the color splash to color the numbers until you complete all the cells.

How to Color by Numbers

  1. You can select from over 10000 free artworks or create your pixel art.
  2. On your pixel art app, enlarge your picture using two figures until you see cells with numbers.
  3. Select a color from the palette and paint cells that have similar numbers pixel after pixel. You can play the coloring game while offline.
  4. You can use the coloring tools like the magic wand and the color splash to make your game more entertaining.

Key Takeaway

Pixel art is digital art that you create through a process known as spriting. The color by number game is fun and entertaining. It has many features like 2D and 3D free artworks, free coloring tools, regular picture updates, easy gameplay, a pixel art camera, to mention but a few.

You can create your pixel art on the game app through simple steps. All you need to do is select the create button, capture a new picture or choose from your gallery, use two figures to zoom the image to see cells with numbers, and then color pixel by pixel. The end product is a stunning picture of any taste and mood.