Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa Aim to Make Crypto Trading Simpler With Earnity

However, the study also found that only 11% of people who have not yet invested in cryptocurrency are somewhat or highly likely to get into crypto trading in the following 12 months. Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa look to change that percentage as they plan to make access to cryptocurrency and other digital assets more straightforward yet secure.

Now, what does the typical crypto investor look like?

The Demographics of Crypto Investors

In America, the average age of crypto investors is 38 years old. Compared to stock investors, those who have invested in crypto are much younger. In contrast, the average age of those who invest in stocks is 47 years old. Another study conducted by Pew Research illustrated the popularity of cryptocurrency among younger adults. Thirty-one percent of Americans aged 19 to 29 have used some form of cryptocurrency. Furthermore, only 21% of people within 30 to 49 years old, 8% of people within 50 to 64 years old, and 3% of people over 65 years old have done the same.

In terms of gender, race, and ethnicity, crypto investors tend to be more diverse than stock investors. That said, it appears that cryptocurrency remains more popular among the male population than women. Twenty-two percent of men have used cryptocurrency, while only 10% of women have.

It also seems that income status does not influence cryptocurrency use, as 17% of people in the upper-income and middle-income strata have used cryptocurrency. On the other hand, 15% of those in the lower-income group have also done it.