Bucks Racks And Ribs – What’s Their Specialty In The Menu?

Have you ever listened about the Bucks Racks and Ribs? If you do not, then this article is for you. You will get information about the bucks menu and specialty.

Bucks Racks and Ribs Menu

The biggest curiosity about the clubs is what they have on their menu because no one wants to eat normal food. You will not get disappointed with the bucks because they will offer you the best food around South Carolina. The things you will get on their menu are appetizers, salads, Quesadillas, nachos, sandwiches, and some side items. The detailed information about the buck’s menu is as follows.

  • Appetizers – you will get food items in appetizers: corn dogs, spring rolls, fried mushrooms, loaded potatoes, and many more. If you are a non – vegetarian, you can enjoy chicken wings and chicken fingers that came in two grilled and fried options. You can get the appetizer food items for around 5 dollars to 8 dollars.
  • Salads – you can have both types of salad – vegetarian salad and non-vegetarian salad. You will get a house salad of tomato, lettuce, and cheese that will cost you around 5 dollars in a vegetarian salad. In a non-vegetarian salad, you have two options: grilled chicken salad and grilled beef salad. The grilled chicken salad will cost you around 7 dollars, and the grilled beef salad will cost you around 13 dollars.
  • Sandwiches – you can choose between lots of options in sandwiches because the bucks offer you Angus burger, cheeseburger, brisket sandwich, grilled cheese sandwich, and many more. You can have sandwiches for around seven to ten dollars.

What special about the Bucks Racks and Ribs?

The best thing about the buck’s club is that they start giving their services before any South Carolina club. You can enjoy the services of buck’s club from 3 pm every day, that’s an hour before another famous club in South Carolina. The admission prices differ according to the time, and for example, if you visit the club at 6 pm, you need to pay five dollars and twelve dollars after 7 pm. Every teenager wants to have a beer in the clubs, and you can have beers on weekdays for two dollars. You need to pay extra twenty-five cents for the same beer in happy hour and for imported beer seventy-five cents on the weekends.

Do not miss the weekends because they offer the hottest girls and drinks at their best.