Benefits Of The MAGlif Rotor Stabilizer

Team of naval architects, hydraulic system designers, and marine engineers soon realised that the motion control solution at low-speed stabilization requires a paradigm change from the conventional fin stabilizer. They suggested the use of rotor like the MAGlif rotor stabilizer because of its advanced system and better grip over the vessel.

Why choose rotor stabilizer over fin ones?

The rotor stabilizer is known for using the fully retractable system. It eliminates drag at higher speeds and thus, makes itself superior to conventional fin stabilizers. Also, the fused spinning and swinging of the rotor produce hydrodynamic forces, which sustain the vessel even if it is running at zero speed. Throughout underway, the rotor is used to an anchored position, and the right force direction is adjusted by simply reversing the direction of the spin rotor.

What are the benefits of rotor stabilizer?

The benefits of the MAGlif rotor stabilizer is the sole reason why marine engineers are being reliable on it. The aspects that make this stabilizer stands out are:

  • High damping at low speed
  • System redundancy
  • Independent function of each rotor
  • Capacity to perform roll stabilization at moderately low vessel speeds of about 3 to 18 knots, depending on the vessel specifications
  • Easy and compact installation
  • Increased safety for the crew
  • Comfort for the ship crew
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • System of underway fully retractable
  • Haul-outs reduction for vessels while using the fully retractable system
  • The decrease in appendage drag at high speed while using the fully retractable or semi-retractable system
  • Extraordinary lift to footprint potential compared to the fin stabilization

Ordering this stabilizer is probably the best you can do for your vessel. If you are responsible with the maintenance of ship vessels or if you are a builder of one, you need to get these rotors. They are delivered in the assembled form and requires minimal effort from your side while installing them. It will not only save your time but money. Besides, as no customisation is required, fabrication is forbidden.

More and more marine engineers are supporting the use of these stabilizers in the vessel for their exceptional qualities and efficiency. They provide the best of service after being fitted on the right vessel. It is something you need if you want the best for your ships at a lower cost. They give the best performance while considering the safety of the crew on board. such stabilizers are indeed hard to find.