Alan Bohms – Why Liverpool Will Challenge For The Title This Season

I was doing the pre-seasons podcast last week and discussing which Premier League teams will be challenging for the title in the coming year. I was almost wrapping up the show when my podcast partner and football expert Alan Bohms stepped in and reminded me of a huge mistake that I had made. I had spent the show talking about Manchester City, United and Chelsea, yet I had forgotten entirely about the mighty Liverpool.

This mistake was not however, because I don’t think that they can win the league, because I honestly think that they can. I made a professional mistake, but I want to fix that by detailing exactly why I think the Reds can lift the title again this season.

The Defense Is Back

I felt that so many pundits did a disservice to Liverpool last year when they glossed over the defensive woes which the team had. When a team in the top four has to play Jordan Henderson and Fabinho in the back four because of the number of injuries which they have, you know that they are in trouble. The defensive injuries were incredible last year and that is absolutely why the team struggled as much as they did. This year however they are going to be absolutely back to their best with a fun strength defense, which will see the team compete for the number one spot once again.

Refreshing Break

Despite the fact that the Reds won the league in 2019/20, they had to wait a long time for it to happen and the season eventually finished far later than it should have done. The result of this was a team which were incredibly tired from a long European campaign the previous year and then a long season when they became champions. There is absolutely no doubt that this team was emotionally and mentally drained, and that is one of the reasons why they struggled as much as they did.

New Signings

The transfer policy which this Liverpool club has is absolutely incredible and they are already looking to make some additions to the current squad. This team isn’t desperate for new players but that is the mark of a great team, one which adds players to the squad even when they aren’t absolutely necessary. Make no mistake that additions will be made to this team which will help them to move to the next level.

Blooded In

It is fair to say that last season the likes of Jota and Thiago didn’t reach anywhere near the level that they should have done. The reason for this probably came down to the fact that they were still getting used to the team. This is highly likely to mean that the players are going to be more than ready to step into the fold this year and deliver the goods which the world has been expecting from both players.

All told, expect Liverpool to be challengers this season.