A Quick Overview Of Dental Implant Surgery And Related Aspects

Dental implants, for the uninitiated, are replacement tooth roots that are used as an alternative to dentures. Implants are better than dentures in many ways, offering a more permanent way of replacing lost/missing teeth. If you are considering implants dentaires St-Onge, here’s a quick overview of the surgery.

The procedure

  1. Initial consultation. An experienced implant specialist will first do an oral exam to understand if dental implants are right for you.
  2. Tooth removal. If you have the damaged tooth as of now, the dentist will start the procedure by removing the tooth.
  3. The dentist may ask to wait, so that jawbone heals and is ready for the implant surgery. Preparing the jawbone may require bone grafting in some cases.
  4. Placing the implants. The dental implants will be then placed surgically in the bone socket of the missing teeth. As the jawbone heals, it will secure the implant in place. This is the most time-requiring stage of the entire treatment, and this can take about ten to twelve weeks.
  5. Placement of abutment. Next, a connector called abutment will be placed on the implant. This can be done after the implants are nicely secured to the jawbone.
  6. Ordering replacement teeth. Your dentist will make molds of your teeth to understand the requirements of replacement teeth. It may take a couple of weeks for the replacement teeth to arrive from the lab.
  7. Placement of replacement. The final stage is placement of replacement teeth, which can be done immediately.

Other things to know

Replacement teeth used on implants can be fixed or removable, depending on how you would want it. People who have been using dentures for the longest time often prefer removable teeth, but your dentist should be able to evaluate what may work best for you. With crowns, you have to be a tad more careful with biting, because hard bite can damage the replacement teeth. Also, regular dental checkups are more than necessary to ensure that the implants are in place as intended, and with basic care, implants should last a lifetime. Caffeine and tobacco products should be avoided, as it can cause the teeth to stain.

Dental implant surgery must be done by an experienced dental surgeon. Make sure that you select a clinic that can be relied on, and don’t forget to ask relevant questions, including the costs, which are usually not covered by insurance.