8 Things You Can Do with Duck Confit in Your Kitchen

Most of the duck lovers’ favorite is duck confit because it is delicious and easy to prepare at home. Actually, the meaning of confit is preserved in French language. Tender duck legs are preserved in duck fat. It lasts all over winter if you keep it in a freezer. You can cook tasty dishes in a little time by using it.

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In this article, we provide few things that you can do with duck confit in your kitchen.

Duck confit over pasta

Toss duck confit with pasta or place it on top of cooked pasta. You can even add fried egg of duck with runny yolk to a great taste and look.

Duck confit and carrots

Mix a spoon pernod, 6 medium sized cooked carrots, and butter. Then, serve it with duck confit and fried potatoes. (You can roast potatoes with duck fat).

Duck confit in ramekins

You can serve duck confit in ramekins as starter, along with pistachios, lemon juice, parsley, plum chutney, and sourdough fingers.

Nachos with duck confit

Make use of duck meat as alternative to ground beef. Layer it into nachos and enjoy its taste with your friends or family on next get-together.

Pie with duck confit

Make a pie in 3 layers – prepare a duck meat layer, add tomato sauce on it, and place mashed potato on the top. You can even add raisins, pine nuts, and others depending on your taste and occasion.

Duck confit and leafy vegetables

Stem cook spinach in little duck fat. Once it gets cook mix duck confit to it.

Sandwich with duck confit

Toast a sandwich with garlic, mustard, and duck confit. No other sandwich tastes like it, duck confit remains an attraction in different kinds of sandwiches. You can serve it with BBQ sauce.

Duck confit and beans

Lentils with duck confit are one of the favorite foods of many people. Serve French lentils and duck confit over creamed spinach or sorrel.

Duck confit is not only tastes wonderful but also versatile too. Leg meat goes well with the dishes where confit alone stands. Order duck confit today, try preparing different recipes with it, and enjoy its taste.