4 Smart Gadgets to Add To Your Home

Smart gadgets aren’t just for the tech geeks, they are for everyone. Let’s be honest, with technology that lets you automate your home, who wouldn’t be interested? Especially when you can control gadgets with your smartphones and enable voice control too.

Smart gadgets are what have made it easier to turn your ordinary home into a smart home. Here are 5 smart gadgets that are affordable and worth the investment, for you can add to your home today.

Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Price $249

Google’s Nest catalog is probably one of the greatest addition to its belt of multiple gadgets and software. So here is one brilliant domestic smart gadget that would be great for your home: The Google Nest Learning Thermostat. This smart thermostat may seem expensive but it really is worth the investment and here’s why.

The Nest Learning Thermostat comes with built-in motion detection technology and uses phone location to operate the thermostat. With that, it can turn itself down when there’s no movement, or switch to an eco-friendly temperature to cut back on the energy usage. It can be controlled through the Google Home app that is downloadable onto your smartphones and tablets; the device is also compatible with voice assistants – which means you can enable voice control. So even if you’re too lazy to pick up your phone for adjusting the temperature, just say “Hey Google” or “Hey Alexa” depending on the smart speaker you have.

Through the mobile app, users can even get alerts on their devices whenever a filter needs cleaning or replacement. Adding to the environmentally friendly and energy-saving aspect, users can set schedules directly from the Google Home app as well. This also works best when coming back to a cozy home whether it’s the summer season or winters.

Google Nest Cam

Price $179.99

Ever had a surveillance cam with HD quality video, sound that also supports two-way audio? The Google Nest Cam can, and that is exactly what you need to add that extra security touch to indoor surveillance.

The Nest Cam is available in 2 variants: battery operated and wired. They can be placed in any corner of your home – on the table, on a shelf, with its video feed accessible directly from its app on your smartphones and tablets. The device comes in a compact size, and features built-in motion detection technology, that sends alerts to your mobile devices anytime it picks up on a sound or movement within the activity zone while you’re away.

The two-way audio makes it easier to converse with whoever is at the other end of the camera while you’re away. It even sports night vision to make the video feed visible in the after-dark hours. If users subscribe to Google Nest Aware, they can unlock several features, including facial recognition and video recording history.

Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED Multicolor Bulb

Price $34.99 (2-pack)

Smart lights really are the perfect addition to any household and here’s why the Sengled Smart LED Multicolor bulbs are what you need. These bulbs have over 16 million shades with several warm and white tones for you to adjust your lighting too. These bulbs just have to be screwed in anywhere, whether it’s a table lamp, a chandelier, or a wall light, and connect straight to your smartphones and tablets via Wi-Fi, from where you can control them as well.

These smart bulbs feature schedule settings and the option to dim or brighten the lights whatever your preference. You basically have control of your smart lights whether you’re home or away. The Sengled Smart bulbs are even voice compatible with voice assistants – namely Alexa and the Google Assistant.

Echo Dot 4th Gen

Price $49.99

The Echo Dot by Amazon, featuring its voice assistant Alexa is nothing short of a virtual assistant for your home. It doubles as a smart speaker that plays music from any of your compatible playlists like Spotify or Apple Music, and of course from over millions of options from YouTube. It also syncs to other smart home gadgets, enabling voice control to allow for more convenience by letting you control your devices simply with your voice.

Here is what more it can do. Users can set reminders or fill out virtual calendars for themselves to be reminded on specific dates and specific timings, without having to lift a finger. The Echo dot can even carry out basic internet searched for you like looking up the definition of a word while you read a book, checking the weather forecast for the next day, or even the traffic situation on your daily route before you head out for work.

Brilliant, right? After reading this how could you not want to get any of these smart home gadgets for your home? You can find these smart gadgets at FirstEnergy Home’s website www.firstenergyhome.com. Or simply reach out to the first energy customer service phone number for any queries related to smart home products.