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 By Mike Coviello (Tanner)
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Are Rawhide Chews Safe For Dogs?

Learn about the risks you take when you give your dog a rawhide chew. Dogs love them and spend hours chewing them but are they really dangerous?




Rawhide chews chew come in all shapes, sizes and flavors. Some are small for small dogs. Others are gigantic for large dogs. They are available everywhere and are hard to resist buying one as a special treat for your dog as you walk down the supermarket aisle. But should you? The short answer is NO! My vet tells me never to give my dog rawhide chews because they pose a choking hazard. The odds are low that anything will happen but why take the chance? Many people buy rawhide chews to occupy their dog or puppy and to try to prevent them from chewing on the furniture or carpet.


Possible Dangers Of Rawhide Chews

  1. Pose a choking hazard.

  2. Are not regulated. Some may not be processed properly (often imported chews) and may contain harmful chemicals such as lead, insecticides or antibiotics.

  3. May cause gastric irritation, vomiting and discomfort in some dogs.


What Are Rawhide Chews?

Rawhide is simply the processed skin of a cow.


How Can I Safely Give My Dog Rawhide Chews?

You can never be 100% safe but you can minimize the dangers of giving chews by:

  1. Avoid giving your dog small chews. The large ones cannot be swallowed as easily and can be chewed on for a long time before they will soften.

  2. Take it away from your pet if the chew gets soft and your pet begins to break off smaller pieces to eat.

  3. Watch you pet for adverse reaction after the chew is gone.

  4. Only give your pet chews made in the United States.

  5. Only give your pet the better (more expensive brands).




Authored By Mike Coviello (Tanner)


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