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PAW-zzle Ball Review

PAW-zzle Ball is one of the best dog toys that I have ever owned. This one has lasted for several years and is still going strong.


PAW-zzle Ball
PAW-zzle Ball


Why Get A Paw-zzle Ball?

Your dog is restless and full of energy, but you don't have the time to play with it. Not a problem. Paw-zzle will keep it occupied for hours. The toy is a small ball within a larger ball. Simply fill the inside ball with treats and the dog will work at getting to them. The ball is made of heavy-duty plastic. Measures: 10" diameter.


PAW-zzle Ball Treat Dispensing Ball - Great Dog Toy

Adding Treats My Dog Loved It Close-up View


Several years ago I bought one of these for my dog. It looked like a clever device and one that I thought my dog would enjoy. The PAW-zzle Ball is actually a smaller ball within a larger ball. The smaller ball is hollow and has one hole in it in which you place dog treats. The dog treats must be of a size slightly smaller than the opening. If the treats are too small they would come out too easily. You can add the treats by hand but that is slow and tedious. If you use a funnel, adding treats is easy.

Once the smaller one is full of treats you place the ball on the ground. You may have to roll it about the floor to show your dog how the treats come out but eventually your dog will try to get at the treats and will "nose" the ball pushing it along the floor. As it rolls, treats fall out one at a time. Your dog eats them as they fall out then continues to push the ball until all the treats are consumed. One "filling" of treats usually lasts for 5 minutes of doggie enjoyment. The PAW-zzle Ball was my dog's most favorite dog toy. I recommend it to everyone who loves their dog.

One word or caution. It is not a quiet toy on a hardwood floor. It is made of hard plastic and makes a lot of noise when rolled along the floor with dog treats inside of it. Talking on the phone with your dog playing with it is difficult. 



PAW-zzle Ball Reviews

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Authored By Mike Coviello (Tanner)


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