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 By Mike Coviello (Tanner)
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How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?

Pet Insurance Plans Comparison - A few months ago I lost my seven year old lab to liver disease. Over the last few months of his life I wracked up over $4,500 in vet bills for diagnostic tests alone. I have a new puppy now and am looking into pet insurance. The following is a rough analysis of of pet insurance plans that I used in deciding which plan is right for me (if any).


Need Puppy Insurance?



Coverage Amount: $5,000

Accident Only
• Selected accidents covered.
• No illnesses covered.
• 100% coverage $50 deductible

Unlimited number of (listed) accidents covered
Fixed deductible $50
No age restrictions for enrollment
No 30-day waiting period
No select breed surcharge


Tenantcare for Dogs $19.95

Created specifically for pet owners living in rental accommodations!
Accidents Unlimited # of claims!
100% coverage up to $1,000 per incident for: Foreign Body Ingestion, Motor Vehicle Accident, Bone Fractures, Defined
Poison Ingestion, Lacerations, Burns, and Allergic Reactions to Insect Bites.

Illnesses - Claim up to $500 for first time illnesses (maximum 2 claims/year)

Covers up to $700 for 3rd Party Property Damage should your pet cause damage to your rental accomodation!

Deductible - $50 deductible per incident claim


QuickCare Complete

Coverage Amount: $5,000

All accidents covered
All illnesses covered - including hereditary conditions (some conditions may apply*)
70% reimbursement
$150 for annual wellness costs
$100 deductible
QuickCare Complete will cover your pet for life - there is no need to move to a senior plan

QuickCare Complete $57.90


QuickCare Gold

Head-to-Tail Coverage
Unlimited number of accidents covered
Coverage for over 6,000 illnesses
No maximum annual illness benefit restrictions
Enrollment as early as 8 weeks of age
When you enroll your dog in QuickCare Gold before the age of 8 (age 6 for 'select' breeds) coverage continues for the
rest of its life
Deductible of $100

70% Coverage Monthly Premium:* $ 30.95

90% Coverage Monthly Premium:* $48.95


Evaluation of Pet Insurance Plans

After reviewing each of the plans listed above I ruled out plan 32 because it is designed for renters with dogs (I own a house with a fenced yard) and #1 which is only for accidents (I am more afraid of illness for my dog).

That left me to chose between plan #3 and plan #4. I chose plan#4 because of the apparent lower costs.

Did I want 70% or 90% coverage?
I would choose 90% coverage if I had a sickly dog.


On a $5,000 vet bill a 70% reimbursement would mean a total payment of $1,500 (yearly payment of $371.40)
-when you add the annual fee for the pet insurance the total paid would be $1871.40.
-over the life of a 13 year old dog that would come to $4828.20

On a $5,000 vet bill a 90% coverage would mean a total payment of $500 (yearly payment of $587.40)
-when you add the annual fee for the pet insurance the total paid would be $1087.40
-over the life of a 13 year old dog that would come to $7636.20



Do I really need pet insurance?

Now that I selected the pet insurance plan that I wanted, is it worth it? Do I want to spend $1087.40 a year for it? Or do I want to gamble that my dog will remain healthy and save the money. Are these insurance plans rip offs? Can I afford insurance for my dog? This a hard decision.

Note - I just contacted my Vet's office and asked if they accepted pet insurance or if they thought it was a good idea and this is what they said.
"We received your message regarding pet insurance. We can recommend a company that some of our clients use. We don’t use insurance coverage at the office; you would pay for the services, then the insurance company reimburses you for whatever amount is covered under your plan. Some of our clients use a company called XXX Pet Insurance. The phone # is 800-XXX-XXXX. Hope this information helps you. Let us know if you need anything else. Thank you."  


Authored By Mike Coviello (Tanner)


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