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 By Mike Coviello (Tanner)
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Minka Ceiling Fans Concept II
Flush Model F518, Model F519 Review

I bought this fan over three years ago. It has been running nearly all day, every day, for over two years. I never had a problem with it.  

Minka Ceiling Fan Concept II Flush Model F518, F519
Minka-Aire Concept II


When I began my search for a ceiling fan for my living room, I looked for a fan that would hug the ceiling and not hang down for people to it hit their heads on. The flush design is ideal for rooms with the average or low ceilings. 

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I ordered my Minka-Aire Concept II Flush Mount Ceiling Fan online. When it arrived, I was impressed with it's heavy weight and professional packaging of the box that it came in.  Installation of a ceiling fan was easy and straightforward. The only difficulty I had was that I was alone and it was hard to hold that the fan up towards the ceiling with one hand while connecting the electrical wires with the other. It was possible for me to install it by myself, but it would have been much easier with two people.  

One of the features that I really like about it is the wireless remote control. There was nothing to install except the batteries. No running additional wiring to a switch on the wall or anything like that. That saved a lot of work. The remote control has three fans speeds (high, medium and low), an on/off switch, a fan rotation reverse button as well as a light dimmer control. Note – the only concern that I had, was "what if the remote control breaks". In that case the fan would become useless because there is no other way to turn it on and off. You have to contact the manufacturer for a replacement. My fear has been unjustified as the fan has been running flawlessly for the past two years.  

The fan itself is very cool looking. Mine runs continuously on the low speed with no vibration and no noise. When turned to the medium and high speeds the ceiling fan still has no vibration but you can hear the noise of the wind. The light given off by the light in the ceiling fan is not sufficient to illuminate a small room without additional lighting. Don't count on this flight alone to light up your room. It is not a bright and crisp light, but is good enough for watching TV or to provide mood lighting.


I would recommend this ceiling fan.


Product Description:

Minka Aire F519-WH. White A taste of things to come, simple in style, yet ingenious by design. The Concept II requires 75% less time and labor to assemble than conventional ceiling fans. Providing a sleek and modern silhouette for any interior application, the Concept II is a sure fit for you Minka Aire F519-WH Ceiling Fan, White Features: - Three concave blades - Flush mount fan ideal for low ceiling environments - Full function hand held remote control system - Integrated light uses one 100W medium base bulb - Cap for non-light use - Motor size: 1/2 mm x 20 mm - RPM high is 170, low is 70 - Hanging weight: 29 lbs.


Authored By Mike Coviello (Tanner)


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