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 By Mike Coviello (Tanner)
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UPLULA Universal Pistol Magazine Loader Review

At one of my first trips to the shooting range, I rented a variety of different handguns. I was a beginner and I was doing some research by trying different guns before buying my first one. I found out quickly that one problem that I had was loading some of the pistol magazines that I had rented. I have a weak right hand and it was extremely difficult for me to load some of the magazines. It was a little embarrassing having to go to the rangemaster and have him load the magazines for me. This was going to be a problem for me.


Lula Universal Pistol Loader
Lula Universal Pistol Loader


At a subsequent trip to the range, a fellow shooter showed me what he used to load his magazines. It was the UpLula Universal Pistol Loader. He let me try it. It was so simple and easy to use and required no strength on my part, that it turned a difficult task into a simple matter. What made it even better was that the UpLula could be used to load many different calibers of ammunition into a variety of manufacturers magazines.


UPLULA Universal Pistol Magazine Loader
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Another thing I liked about it was it's rather large size when compared to some of the magazine loaders they come with the purchase of some new guns. The large size allows you to grasp it fully with your entire hand making it very easy to pull down onto the spring of the magazine, as compared to using a few fingers used with other loaders.

I immediately realized that this was just the thing to have if I was going to continue my trips to the shooting range. That evening I ordered one online. I now keep it in my range bag as you will never know when you may need it. This is one of the best gizmos invented for the sport of target shooting.



The Good: Easy to use  -  Works with many calibers  -  No strength required

The Bad: None


From the UpLula Package

One size fits all. No spacers or adjustments. Easy and quick loading. Highly reliable. Loads all 9mm, 357, 10mm, 40 and 45 caliber rebounds and magazines. That's both single and double stack magazines of all manufacturers. World's number one loaders. No more pain.


 universal pistol magazine loader

- eliminates some pain and injury

- indifferent to magazine length

- eliminate swear on feed lips

- prolongs magazine life

- highly reliable

- durable reinforced polymer

- up to run around for a second loading


Authored By Mike Coviello (Tanner)


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