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 By Mike Coviello (Tanner)
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Remington Bore Light Review

For five dollars it is a handy tool to have. I purchased my Remington LED Bore Light for $4.99 (now $13.80).  For that price you can't expect too much, but I was pleasantly surprised.  The casing seems to be made from a good quality plastic material.  It comes with two illumination attachments, one straight and one curved at a 90 angle.  Simply screw the attachment you want to use into the handle and push the button on the bottom to turn it on. 

Remington LED Bore Light
Remington LED Bore Light


I use this light to inspect my revolvers, pistols, rifle and shotgun barrels and found it to be perfectly adequate for the job.  Some online reviews that I've read indicated that the light was not bright enough but I do not agree with this. One thing that I like about it is the small size which allows you to maneuver at it wherever it needs to go.  It is very user friendly in that way. 



90 degree attachment

Straight Attachment
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Since I anticipate this light to be used approximately one minute every couple of weeks, it should last me last many years. I keep my bore light in my range bag.  It comes in handy at the shooting range if I should need to inspect my gun while at the range and is essential for inspection after cleaning the gun at home. 


THE GOOD: Maneuverable small size, good quality product, bright light, easy to operate

THE BAD: Nothing




Instruction Sheet



packaging Instructions

Ideal for inspecting used firearms, cleaning firearms and inspecting bore for obstructions.

-- soft LED eliminates intense glare  
-- compact: easy to carry 
-- both curved and straight light included  
-- batteries included

Ideal for inspecting rifle, shotgun and hand gun barrels for obstructions, rust and pitching. The soft LED eliminates intense glare which effects the ability to see copper jacket fouling in rifling and plastic shotgun buildup in barrels. Use to inspect used guns prior to purchasing for barrel imperfections, bulges, tooling marks, scratches and filings. Uses button cell batteries, included. Compact design is easy to carry in your pocket or gun cleaning kit.



Make sure firearm chamber and magazine is unloaded. The on/off button is located at the back of the unit and is simply depressed to turn on or off. Open fire arms action and insert the light into the chamber area. Note -- with the bore light illuminating the chamber area and barrel, the firearm can be determined to be unloaded. With the light from the bore unit now illuminating the barrel, you can now safely visually inspect the firearm.

For some firearms such as over and under, side-by-side, or repeating shotguns with removable barrels, a straight light is included to better inspect chambers, forcing cones, and chokes areas of the barrels. Simply unscrew the curved light and screw in the straight light. Be sure to take precautions not to lodge or leave the boar light in the firearms barrel. And to prolong battery life, turn off light when not in use. To replace batteries, unscrew back portion of bore light and take the three button cell batteries out from the unit. Replace batteries with three buttons cell batteries with the positive side of the batteries facing the on/off switch.

This Remington Bore Light is a perfect tool for inspecting your shotgun or handgun barrels for fouling, obstructions, rust and pitting. With a soft LED light it eliminates intense glare so you can see the copper jacket fouling, plastic shotgun wad build up in barrels and choke tubes. Great to use when inspecting a new firearm too the Remington Bore Light is compact and easy to carry in your gun cleaning kit or pocket too.



Authored By Mike Coviello (Tanner)


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