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 By Mike Coviello (Tanner)
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What Should You Keep In Your Range Bag? What should you put in your Range Bag? You should bring everything you need to prepare, fire, field strip, adjust and repair your firearm every time you go to the gun range. You should also have a first aid kit as well as the following supplies.

Uncle Mike's Deluxe Range Bag



The following is a listing of items commonly found in range bags.



Range Bag Item

Shooting Hearing Protection
Shooting Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection for Shooting Guns
Electronics and technology have come a long way in the field of hearing protection. The electronic in ear muffs are powered by internal batteries and provide an excellent hearing protection.

Shooting Eye Protection
Shooting Eye Protection

Eye Protection at the Shooting Range
When I first began my new hobby of target shooting, I realized that I would have to purchase all of the accessories that go with the sport. One of these would be some type of glasses or goggles needed to protect my eyes.

Gun Locks
Gun Locks

Cable Style Gun Lock Installation Instructions
With the slide locked back and the magazine removed, insert the cable through the ejection port and out the magazine well.  To lock: with key turned to farthest..

Sideshields For
Sideshields For
Shooting Glasses

H.L. Bouton Flex Sideshields Review
Slip-On Sideshields are designed to fit all types of eyewear, making them ideal for visitors and temporary workers. They provide a quick and inexpensive way to ensure lateral eye protection.

Ammo Speed Loaders 
Ammo Speed Loaders

Safailand Speed Loader for 38 Special Revolver Review
The concept of this speed loader is great. You simply push the loader into the cylinder of the revolver and all of the rounds automatically release into their respective chambers making the process of loading a revolver quick and easy. When it works, it works great.

Shooting Targets

Targets for Gun Shooting
Targets are things that people shoot at while practicing shooting their guns. They are available in all shapes and sizes as well as the materials of which they are composed. Also include masking tape, colored markers, target pasters, stapler, extra staples & paper plates (used as targets).

Ammo Magazine Loaders 
Ammo Magazine Loaders

UPLULA Universal Pistol Magazine Loader
One size fits all. No spacers or adjustments. Easy and quick loading. Highly reliable. Loads all 9mm, 357, 10mm, 40 and 45 caliber rebounds and magazines.

Gun Laser Bore  
Gun Laser Bore

Bushnell Gun Laser Boresighter Review
The Bushnell laser boresighter is adequate for the job for most shooters. I would rate the overall quality as fair. The first thing that strikes you is that it is entirely black plastic which makes reading the markings and stampings on it very difficult.

Gun Bore Snakes 
Gun Bore Snakes

Hoppe's BoreSnake for Gun Cleaning Review
The Hoppe's Boresnake pistol cleaner is a great product to keep in your range bag. I own two of them. One for my .22 caliber handguns and one that fits my 357 magnum revolver as well as my 9mm pistols.

Gun Barrel Light 
Gun Barrel Light

Remington Bore Light Review
The Remington bore light is ideal for inspecting rifle, shotgun and hand gun barrels for obstructions, rust and pitching. The soft LED light eliminates intense glare which effects the ability to see copper jacket fouling in rifling and plastic shotgun buildup in barrels.

Range Bag Medical Kit
Range Bag Medical Kit

Medical Kit
A medical kit is essential for minor cuts and abrasions that may occur at the gun range. At a minimum the kit should include antibiotic ointment, paper towels, assorted band aids, cotton swabs, medical tape, gauze/bandage wrap.

Gun Cleaner & Lube 
Gun Cleaner & Lube

Break Free CLP Lubricant Review
If cleaning your guns has turned into a chore instead of a joy it's time to start using Break Free CLP Lubricant. Since Break Free CLP cleans, lubricates and protects all in one step, cleaning your gun takes less time and you save money.

Flashlight For Night Shooting Practice
Flashlight For
Night Shooting Practice

Extra Bright Flashlight; Rayovac RAYSE4W3C
Rayovac RAYSE4W3C High Intensity Flashlight with pictures comparing it's high intensity beam with that of a normal bulb type flashlight.


Swabs, Q-tips & wipes, Break-Free CLP & gun oil, toothbrushes, one clean, one dirty


Small tool kit with multi tool, swiss army knive, needle nose pliers, tools for adjusting sights/optics, Allen wrenches, emery board & fine grit sandpaper.


More Stuff To Put In Your Range Bag

  1. Guns & Holsters.

  2. Ammunition.

  3. Extra magazines for each gun.

  4. Old towels or rags to wipe hands and guns with.

  5. Pistol soft case.

  6. Ball cap.

  7. Field glasses/ spotting scope/ binoculars.

  8. Notebook/log book with pen and pencil.

  9. Brass catcher.

  10. Empty zip lock plastic bags (to catch used brass).

  11. Spare batteries (for electronic items such as scopes and electronic ear muffs).

  12. Old cleaning rods (for stuck rounds and other similar problems).

  13. Lens cleaner for glasses and scopes.

  14. Sun screen, lip balm, gum and mints.

  15. Bottled water.

  16. Paper towels.

  17. Printed copy of the range rules.

  18. Shooting reference book.

  19. Camera.



I use a nylon duffel bag as my range bag. I found that a medium sized duffel bag works well to hold my guns, ammunition and accessories for the trip to the shooting range.  The duffel bag is perfect because it is flexible, light weight and easy to carry.



When carrying my guns in my range bag I prefer to carry the gun in a holster rather than in the hard plastic carrying case that the gun came in.  I find that the holster weighs less and takes up less space inside the bag. For my medical kit and tool kit I like to use flexible canvas bags in lieu of hard plastic containers because they are lightweight and flexible they are better suited for carrying in a duffel bag.


Authored By Mike Coviello (Tanner)


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