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Pistol Grips From Bicycle Tubes

Last week a friend gave me a piece of bicycle inner tube to make a grip for my Ruger LCP. He used it on his Kel-Tec .380 and said it turned out well. He showed it to me and it looked like a store bought grip. He did a good job in cutting it to fit. It felt good in my hand (compared to the bare Kel-Tec grip) so I told him I would try it on my Ruger LCP. The gun grip sleeve is easy to install. Just heat it up with a hair dryer or hot water and pull it on. Some trimming of the grip may be required for compact semi-auto pistols to achieve a proper fit.

Glock 26 And Ruger LCP Pistol Grips
Glock 26 And Ruger LCP Pistol Grips
Made From Bicycle Tubing


My friend later sent me an email with the web address of a website that had a template for cutting Kel-Tec .380 grips out of a bicycle inner tubes. Since a Kel-Tec .380 and a Ruger LCP are almost identical I thought I would give it a try. website address - http://www.ktrange com/articles/a7/a7.html


Ruger LCP Pistol Grip Made From Bicycle Tube

I tried to print out the template from the above website but my printer would not print it to the required scale so I had to wing it and cut mine to fit by trial and error. Reference: Pistol Grips at Amazon.


My Home Made Ruger LCP Pistol Grip

  1. The bicycle tube rubber was not as tight as I thought it would be on the Ruger LCP but it worked out well.

  2. I am not really sure if improves the feel or not since the bare Ruger LCP grips are pretty good by themselves.

  3. Feels almost the same to me except that it covers up the little bumps built into the plastic grip.

  4. The rubber is fairly thin and molds well to the gun grip, but when I wet the outside of the rubber it's pretty slick so it may be worse for shooting with sweaty hands.


Glock 26 Pistol Grip Made From Bicycle Tube

Out of curiosity I tried a piece of the bicycle tube on my Glock 26. Since the tube rubber was so thing and stretchy it worked out very well and wasn't difficult to put on.


Do Bicycle Tubes Make Good Pistol Grips?

I don't know yet. I will try shooting with it to see if it makes any difference.


Pistol Grip Made From Bicycle Inner Tubes  

  1. Improves comfort, accuracy and control

  2. Contoured shape hugs pistol grip

  3. Secure fit with no loose spots

  4. Finger grooves, no-slip texture and palm swells

  5. Fits Glocks and most other semi-auto pistols

  6. They are dirt cheap or free, so it's worth a try.

  7. Very thin, molds to the guns original grip and adds no bulk.

  8. One inner tube will make enough grips to last a lifetime.

  9. Rinse off and dry the tube to get rid of the tube's white powder residue on the inside.



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Bicycle Tube Makes Great Pistol Grip For Hi Point Pistol

February 29, 2012
Bicycle tube works great on my Hi Point .40 since the grips are hard plastic.



Authored By Mike Coviello (Tanner)


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