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Hoppe's BoreSnake Review
Gun Bore Cleaner

The Hoppe's Boresnake pistol cleaner is a great product to keep in your range bag. I own two of them. One for my .22 caliber handguns and one that fits my 357 magnum revolver as well as my 9mm pistols. It's easy to use and allows for quick field cleaning of your handgun barrel or cylinder chambers. There are no messy chemicals, cleaners, rags or patches to use. Every range bag should have at least one boresnake per caliber of gun.

Hoppe's Boresnake

The BoreSnake is really just a long piece of specially designed "cleaning floss" that is pulled through the barrel of a gun. It is more effective than cleaning patches because the entire length of the snake rubs along and cleans the inside of the barrel as compared to the small surface area of a cleaning patch. It is said a boresnake has 160 times more cleaning area than a standard patch.  In addition to that, it contains an integrated bronze brush to loosen fouling and lead deposits.


Hoppes boresnake     
cleaning Glock 26 for .22-caliber
for revolver cylinders
for revolver barrel
Gun Cleaning
at Amazon
for 357, .38 & 9mm integral brass bore brush cleaning pistol bore  


Some people wet the front portion of the boresnake with cleaning solvent to aid in the loosening and removal of carbon buildup. Others soak the end with gun oil to coat the inside of the barrel after it is cleaned. One pass is usually sufficient to clean most barrels. If it gets dirty, just wash it and reuse it. Boresnakes are made of woven cotton and are very durable.



  1. Will clean a bore in less than 10 seconds.

  2. With a single pull, you'll have a barrel that is shiny and clean.

  3. The integrated bronze brush effectively loosens hard fouling and lead.

  4. The woven cotton floss that follows picks it all up.

  5. Completely washable so you can reuse it over and over.

  6. The woven cotton floss has 160 times more cleaning area than a standard patch.



The Good: Combines cleaning steps in one pass  - Just one pass needed  -  Lightweight and compact  -  Cleans gun bores in seconds


The Bad: None


Hoppe's BoreSnake Reviews

Reviews (customer reviews) at major online retailers as of Sept 2010.

  1. Reviews at - overall rating of 5/5.

  2. Reviews at - overall rating of 3/5.

  3. Reviews at - overall rating of 5/5.

  4. Reviews at - overall rating of 4.8/5.

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I stopped listing reviews after visiting 5 major online retailers. Hundreds of these customer reviews give you the sense that the boresnake a must have in every range bag.


  1. What is a BoreSnake?
    A BoreSnake is a ropelike item mad of fabric with a weighted cord to feed it through the barrel of a gun. The cord has an integral bore brush for cleaning the bore.

  2. Is a BoreSnake bad for guns?
    No. They are not bad for guns.

  3. Should you dip a BoreSnake in solvent?
    Use of the BoreSnake by itself should be sufficient for most gun cleaning purposes. If you want to dip it in solvent before running it through the barrel there should be no harm done. You might want to have a second "dry" one on hand to complete the job. You can also wash the solvent wetted BoreSnake later if you choose.



From the Hoppe's BoreSnake Package

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Hoppe's BoreSnake Directions – Pull through the bore. Pull slowly, being careful not to snag on gun parts. Repeat as needed until the bore is clean. The Snake can be washed easily by hand. Band securely or use a wash bag for machine washing, air dry.




  1. Integral bore brush helps remove hard fouling and lead deposits. Long section after bore brush works like multiple patches. End has brass weight to drop through bore. The world's quickest, three-step boreshine. Brass weight is stamped with the size. Bore cleaner may be tight fitting when new. If difficult to pull through bore, it may be easier to step on the exposed end of the bore cleaner and hold it while pulling the firearm. Ensure that you are using the correct Boresnake for the caliber firearm before using this method. Bore cleaner can be washed. Ref:

  2. Hoppes BoreSnake .357, 9mm, .38 Brass Weighted Cord Pull For Pistols
    Hoppes BoreSnake .22 and .223 Brass Weighted Cord Pull For Rifles. Built-in bronze bore brushes loosen hard deposits with short brushes embedded in floss pass through the shortest action or port. First floss area removes grit & debris before scrubbing, main floss area cleans the bore 160x more floss than a patch. Brass-weighted cord pull passes through the barrel with one pull will not damage rifling or crown, washable & reusable. Ref:


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Sent: September 16, 2011

I clean the bores of my weapons with Hoppes bore cleaner and cleaning patches, and then finish the job with 2-3 pulls of a dry Hoppes boresnake. This will not damage my bore will it?

Thank you for your time,

Yours truly,


I can’t see any way that it will harm your guns as long as you follow the solvent cleaning with a light coat of oil to prevent rusting.

Here’s some good information and instructions for using Hoppes cleaning products.