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Energizer Headlight Review
Model HDL33AINE, 6 LED

Energizer Headlight Model HDL33AINE 6 LED Super Bright Headlamp
Energizer Headlight Model HDL33AINE


Headlight Review Recommendation

This super bright 6 LED headlamp is one of the best you will find.

Why Buy It? - This headlamp is super bright, operates in four lighting modes, is well made, looks cool and the batteries last a very, very long time. The headlamp is a brand name product made by the Energizer company. Average customer reviews of this headlight give it a high rating. Also, you don't have to buy batteries when you purchase it. 3 AAA Energizer batteries are included in the package.

Features of the headlight - 4 different light settings, adjustable headlamp, will last up to 75 hours of continual use before changing batteries, pencil holder, large adjustable head strap.


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Packaging and Instructions

I just received my Energizer Headlight from It took a few minutes but I finally opened up the tough plastic packaging and retrieved the headlight, 3 AAA Alkaline batteries and a spare pencil holder (the other pencil holder was already installed on the head strap). The instructions that come with this light are a little bit skimpy but are adequate for installing the batteries and operating the light.


Battery Installation 

The batteries are installed on the back of the headlight. The dark brown battery cover is plastic, and pried off when you insert and twist a coin into the slot at the location marked  "open". The arrows show which way the cover pops off. You install the three AAA batteries in accordance to the little diagrams within the battery compartment. Then reposition the battery cover and gently press until it snaps into place.



The back of the headlamp (the part that rests against your forehead) is covered with a soft rubber material which prevents the headlight from slipping on your forehead, even when your are sweaty.

The head strap is soft and stretchy and very well made. As the package indicates it is extra large to accommodate hard hats. The head band is adorned with grey and yellow stripes. The packaging indicates that the stripes reflect light in low light conditions.

Two pencil holders are provided with the headlight, one that came already installed on the head strap and one spare in the package. It took me a minute to figure out what these things were and how they were to be used. A better picture of a pencil in the head strap would have been helpful. Pencils snap into the flexible plastic groove on the pencil holder. Note - the pencil is not held tightly into place and will come out with the least amount of pressure or bumping, but who buys this headlight for it pencil holding ability.

The overall weight of the Energizer headlight with the batteries installed is about 2 ounces, which is very light. When I wear the headlight it feels about the same as if I am wearing a light baseball cap.

The LED bulbs do not appear to be replaceable, but with the cheap price of this headlight and the lifetime guarantee, who cares.


Operating Instructions

To turn the headlight on, press the little grey button on top of the headlight. Each time you press the button, the light cycles though each of four lighting/beam (spot light, flood light, spot light + flood light and red night vision light). A final press of the button turns the light off. Note - the button is located in a recess of the headlight which makes it a little hard to push. You have to push with your finger tips fairly hard to get the button to "click". It's not an easy click.


Four Headlight Lighting Modes

  1. Spot - This mode shines a bright concentrated beam of light. When standing ten feet away from a wall in a dark room the "spot" is about two feet wide.

  2. Flood - This mode shines a wider beam which will illuminate an entire room.

  3. Spot + Flood - The brightest of the four modes.

  4. Red Night Vision - I doubt that I will ever use this mode because it doesn't provide as much light as the other modes and I am not too concerned with preserving my night vision or fear being see at night.

What impressed me about this headlight is that the lights are so bright and last so long without changing batteries. According to the packaging you can leave this light on for 50 hours in either the spot light or the flood light mode before having to change the batteries. That's a very long time of continual use. It will last 75 hours if you use it in the night vision mode and 20 hour when used in the combined flood + spot mode.


This headlight has an additional feature. The headlight can be swiveled from 0-90 degrees downward on the head band which makes it ideal for reading in bed or working at a bench or desk.



Why Did I Buy The Energizer Headlight HDL33AINE?

  1. This Energizer LED headlight was recommended by a friend who raved about it. He found it useful as a "hands free" light for working on his car, roaming around outside at night and working in confined spaces. This light makes a great addition to any household. I plan to keep one in my car and another in the house.

  2. The headlamp was cheap so you can afford more than one.

  3. I chose to pay the additional four dollars for the extra bright headlight.

  4. This super bright headlight comes with a lifetime guarantee from Energizer.

  5. This headlight bears the name of "Energizer" which gives you a sense of confidence in the product.



Brightness Evaluation

I took the headlight outside last night while I escorted my dog to do his business. I tried out each of the four light modes. The spot light worked the best for distance lighting. The bright white beam lit up the other end of my property with no problem. The flood light worked well also but it was not as bright as the spot light. The combo spot + flood light worked the best and provided the most light. The red night light was the least brightest light and was more difficult to see things with. I doubt if I will ever use it, unless I go turtle watching or have to conserve the battery life for some reason. It was fun not having to hold a flashlight for a change and having the beam of light shine wherever you turn your head. All in all, I am well pleased with this Energizer headlight and would recommend it to anyone.


Uses For A Personal Headlight

  1. Good for reading in bed.

  2. Good for working on the car.

  3. Good for anytime you need your hands free.

  4. Good for working with tools.

  5. Good for walking and jogging.

  6. I am told the red night vision feature of this personal headlight will be good for turtle watching.



What Is A Headlight/Headlamp?

A headlight is a small battery operated light which is worn on the head, leaving your hands free. A headlamp is another name for headlight.


Energizers Headlights Verses Energizers Headlamps

Energizers Super Bright Headlights = Energizers Super Bright Headlamps. They mean the same thing. When I did my initial research into headlights I was a little puzzled by the terminology of headlights and headlamps. I thought headlights were only on cars.



Authored By Mike Coviello (Tanner)


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