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 By Mike Coviello (Tanner)
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Extra Bright Flashlight; Rayovac RAYSE4W3C

Rayovac SE4W3C Sportsman Xtreme high intensity flashlight with pictures comparing it's high intensity beam with that of a normal bulb type.

Rayovac SE4W3C Sportsman Xtreme

Initial Inspection - My Rayovac RAYSE4W3C arrived via UPS delivery. Initial inspection shows it to be of sturdy construction and it appears to be a high quality flashlight. The rubber grip makes grasping the flashlight easy and comfortable and presumably will keep it from slipping out of your fingers when wet.

Reason For Purchase -  I purchased the "extra bright" flashlight in part to upgrade the quality of my regular flashlights and in part as for home defense (to shine in a persons eyes at night to temporarily blind them).

Test Results - I tested it during the day and at night (See above photographs). It appears to be 15 - 20 times brighter than a normal "old fashioned" flashlight. It shines a nice white light as compared to the yellowish light of my old flashlight. After it got dark, I went outside and directed the flashlight beam to the end of the my property (about 150 feet away). It illuminated the far corner very well with a directed beam of bright light. I then brought the flashlight into the house and turned off all the lights. When I shined the flashlight into a room, it brightly lit up the room just as if you turned on the room light. It even illuminated most of the adjacent rooms too. A regular flashlight would not do this.

I became instantly spoiled. For extra bright flashlights, the high intensity LED is the way to go for the future. I am going to buy two more. I will place one in the car, one in kitchen and one in bedroom.


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Update - I have had three of theses flashlights for over one year now. I use one of them almost daily when I take my dog outside for his "last call". I have yet to change batteries in it.

Recommendation - I would recommend this extra bright flashlight to anyone. It has even come down in price since I purchased it. 



Rayovac Sportsman Xtreme 4W LED 3C Flashlight- RAYSE4W3C

From the Rayovac Website
This Rayovac rugged Xtreme Sportsman high performance flashlight is water resistant, includes an ultra bright 4W Luxeon LED, yields an amazing 150 lumens and has 100 hours of run time. This Rayovac Sportsman Xtreme flashlight design features a rubber comfort grip and sleek titanium color. Powered by 3 C batteries.
Weight: 0.69


Authored By Mike Coviello (Tanner)


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