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 By Mike Coviello (Tanner)
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Bushnell Gun Laser Boresighter Review

The Bushnell Laser Boresighter is adequate for the job for most shooters. I would rate the overall quality as fair. The first thing that strikes you is that it is entirely black plastic which makes reading the markings and stampings on it very difficult. Additionally the on/off switch is finicky and is not very reliable. On the good side, the laser dot that it produces is very bright and easy to see. 

Bushnell Gun Laser Boresighter
Bushnell Laser Boresighter


Bushnell Laser Boresighter Accuracy Test

I decided to test the accuracy of the boresighter. If it was made correctly, then when I insert it into the barrel of my gun, point it towards a wall and rotate it, the laser dot on the wall should not move during the course of the rotation. If the red dot remained at the same place then it was not "out-of-round". If the red dot moved in a circular pattern against the wall then something was "off" with the fit or function. The larger the circular pattern the poorer the accuracy. 

Laser Boresighter

In The Barrel Of My
10 Shot 22LR Revolver

Laser Dot

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For my test using a .22 caliber revolver I found that at a distance of 8ft., the laser made a circle of about 3/8in. diameter. Imagine what it would be at greater distances. Note – to be a fair test I should have tested it with different handguns and different calibers.  

If you are not a good shot or have a tendency to flinch while shooting adjusting your gun sites by yourself at the range doesn't seem to make much sense. You can't tell if you are missing the bulls-eye because of the misadjusted gun sights or because of your aim. That is where the beauty of a boresighter comes in. An accurate boresighter with allow you to properly adjust your gun sights safely and in the convenience of your own home, thus saving valuable range time.



You can't beat it for the price. Well worth the money for the average shooter. I always keep one in my range bag.


The Good
Very inexpensive  -  Bright laser dot  -  attachments for use with many calibers
Allows you to sight your gun safely at home


The Bad
Accuracy is questionable but good enough for the average shooter  -   Finicky on/off switch


Bushnell Gun Laser Boresighter Instruction Manual


Bushnell Laser Boresighter Manual

Congratulations on the purchase of your Bushnell Laser Boresighter. This boresighter is a precision instrument constructed of the finest materials and assembled by highly skilled craftsmen for a lifetime of trouble-free use. This laser boresighter is designed to quickly get your rifle, handgun, or shotgun “on the paper” and will save you time and money. Final sighting-in should be done by shooting the firearm and fine tuning the adjustments. BEFORE BORESIGHTING YOUR SCOPE, MAKE SURE THAT THEFIREARM IS UNLOADED AND THE MUZZLE IS POINTED IN A SAFE DIRECTION. Your boresighter consists of laser emitter (A) as well as a series of expandable adaptors (B) which cover .22 to.50 caliber diameters. There is also a larger adaptor designed for 20 gauge and 12 gauge shotguns. Please note that your laser boresighter is designed for use indoors or outdoors in dimmer light. 

To select the proper adaptor, find the largest-diameter adaptor that will fit in the muzzle of your firearm. Then, screw the adaptor into the small end of the laser emitter using the small screw in the center of the adaptor. As you tighten the screw, the diameter of the adaptor will expand. Once it has expanded to match the diameter of your firearm, push the adaptor and small end of the laser emitter3BA On/Off Switch Laser Diode Screw into the muzzle of your rifle. Make sure that the laser emitter is inserted in until it is snug with the crown of your firearm. Turn the laser on. A small red laser dot will be emitted. If you can sight in your gun at 50 to 100 yards, you can adjust your scope’s windage and elevation so that your crosshairs aim at the red dot. If you are sighting in at a shorter distance, simply adjust the point of impact so that the crosshairs compensate for the height of the center of the scope over the barrel. For example, in many typical rifle mounts, the center of the scope is about 1.5 inches above the bore. In this case, you would want the crosshairs to point 1.5 inches above the laser dot. The enclosed chart is a handy tool for this. AFTER THE FIREARM IS BORESIGHTED, BE SURE TO REMOVE THEBORESIGHTER FROM THE GUN. Final sighting in must be done at the range. After final sighting in is done, you can use your boresighter to record the actual location of your zero relative to the crosshairs. This is a handy reference if you wish to verify your zero later. Your Bushnell laser boresighter uses 3 LR44 batteries.


Authored By Mike Coviello (Tanner)


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Sent: June 7, 2011
Subject: Bushnell Laser Boresighter

HI, Just recently purchased one, is the brass diode supposed to be centered or offset a bit, the one that i have is not centered? Plus only can see the laser about max 8 ft away? At night? am going to try new batteries, but this is supposed to be new and still in the pkg, got it off e-bay any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Bob



Response - Bob

I just took the above pictures in hopes that they can answer your question about the diode being off center. As you can see mine is not 100% centered, but it's close. Click on the pictures to zoom in. It does sound like you need a new battery or something is wrong with your boresighter. I just tested mine and the red dot was very visible 60 feet away (indoors).

Best regards,



Follow-Up Message

Tanner, thank you very much for responding, the info was great, and yours is little closer to center than mine, but can work with it as long as i can see the laser dot. Took the batteries out of it last night and reinserted them today, can see about 15 feet away so am pretty sure it is the on off switch which may be causing a power drain, will pick up some new batteries and try it, Thanks again, Sincerely, Bob


Sent: May 8, 2011
The Boresighter can be adjusted to be more accurate. Drill a hole that it just fits into in a block of wood. Put the sighter in the hole and clamp that block in a vice so the laser dot is projected on a wall about 10 feet away. Put some paper on the wall. Now rotate the boresighter until the dot is at its highest point. Mark the paper with a line at this point. Now rotate until the dot is at its lowest point. Mark another line. Half way between the two lines is dead center for the boresighter.There are 4 centering screws on the laser end of the sighter that the little Allen wrench that comes with the sighter fits. Loosen the screw closest to the direction you wish to adjust the laser to bring it to dead center. Tighten the opposite screw. Repeat this a bit at a time. You may have to adjust the other screws in the same way. Once on dead center rotate again to check. Be careful not to move the wood block or the vice. Note boresighters are not meant to sight in a firearm. They are just meant to get it close so it is quicker and fewer shots are needed to do the final sighting at the range. Roger


Sent: Sunday, December 26, 2010
I just purchased a Bushnell laser boresighter for my son's 30-06. I have a .357 Colt Python and want to sight it in as well. I have found the tip that matches the gun's bore, but after turning the laser on, it is well below what I thought was dead on center. What's the best way to sight this in before I make a major mistake of changing the gun's original setting. Ken

Response - Ken,
I have no experience with boresighters and rifles so I can offer no suggestions. As for the handgun, have you tried..
- laying the gun down on a table top (with the boresighter installed and "on") and pointing it towards a wall.
- mark the wall with tape where the dot shines.
- holding the gun firmly with one hand to keep it from moving, rotate the borsighter within the barrel.
- If the dot moves off the tape on the wall in a circle or ellipse then there is something wrong with the boresighter.
- If the dot stays on target then I would feel confident to make the sight adjustment.
Best regards,


Sent: Tuesday, August 10, 2010
Using bushnell laser sight, can you give me DETAILED instructions on how to use this laser to set scope @ 100-200 yards?  last year, i missed 2 good ones.  i ain't doing something right???  please help!!! Robert

Response - Robert,
The Bushnell laser boresighter that I bought was very inexpensive (cheap) but it did a good enough job for shooting at an indoor shooting range at a distance of 20-25 feet. I don't think I would trust it for long distance shooting. You may have to buy a more expensive and better boresighter for that. Sorry I can't give you instructions on how set the scope for shooting long distances.