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Belly Band Concealment Holster Review

I ordered a Belly Band Concealment Holster last year. I have a waist size of 35 inches so I selected a 33-36 inch size Belly Band. It is TIGHT on me. It's a shame that you can't try these things on before you buy them online. My first impression when I took it out of the packaging was that it was very cheap looking. The material was somewhat stiff and thinner than I expected. The edges of the material gave me the impression of being "sharp" in that they were so thin and rigid they might cut into my skin if worn too tightly. Further inspection revealed that it was not completely elastic. Only the portions between the sewn in pockets actually stretched. It was not as "stretchy" as I thought it would be (and needed it to be).



My holster came equipped with two pockets for guns and a third wider pocket for magazines and supplies. My Glock 26 would fit ONLY into one of the pockets. The Belly Band is fastened together with Velcro strips about 4 inches long on each. When fastened, if the Velcro is not perfectly matched with it's corresponding felt counterpart, the exposed rough texture of the Velcro may scratch and irritate your skin.

I would recommend this holster only under certain circumstances and only for individuals with a slim physique. I am about 20 pounds overweight and have tried it on various parts my body including below my waist, at my waist, at my midsection and at my chest. I have found that the chest location with my gun located beneath my left arm is the best place for me. At this location you can't tell I have a gun on even with a tight fitting t-shirt. However, having an invisible gun has it's drawbacks. It's very hard to get quickly.

Another drawback of the holster is that the gun grip and barrel may rub against your skin if you don't wear an undershirt. This doesn't appear to be the best design for carrying a gun. The only time I could ever see myself wearing one of these would be with a pair of gym shorts and tee shirt. I sure wish I could have tried one on before buying it. In the closet it goes. I can't really see myself using it much.




Recommended for selected use (while wearing shorts and a t-shirt or when fast access to your gun is not required).

THE GOOD: No belt needed - can wear with t-shirt and gym shorts

THE BAD: Not adjustable enough  -  stiff material makes it uncomfortable  -  gun may rub directly against skin  -  difficult to access gun quickly


Belly Band Holster Advantages

  1. Wear with any type of clothing.

  2. High concealment.


Belly Band Holster Disadvantages

  1. Suitable for individuals with a slim physique.

  2. Slow draw.

  3. Uncomfortable if worn too tightly or too long.

  4. Poor accessibility.



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Authored By Mike Coviello (Tanner)


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