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Airsoft Glock 17 Pistol Review

The Airsoft Glock 17 Style Pistol is a 1/1 plastic replica of the Glock 17 semi-automatic pistol. It shoots 6mm plastic BBs and is powered by a spring and must be cocked for each shot. It is very inexpensive and easy to maintain. It uses no gas or batteries.




NOTICE - Airsoft is not a real gun! It is a replica of a real gun that is made to look like a real gun. All Airsoft guns have an orange blaze on the tip of the muzzle to differentiate it from a real gun. It is illegal to remove the orange blaze!


Airsoft Glock 17 Pistol Features

  1. Full Scale (1/1) Replica of a Glock 17

  2. Shoots around 350 FPS

  3. Interchangeable Fiber Optic Front Sight

  4. Uses 6 mm BB Bullets



What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a recreational shooting activity that uses replica firearms that shoot plastic BBs. Individuals use these for fun and gaming (like paintball). Airsoft is also used by the military and police for training purposes. They are the hottest item in "toy" guns. They are made to look exactly like a real gun. They shoot lightweight plastic BBs or pellets and come in many models ranging from sniper rifles, machine guns and pistols. You can spend a few dollars for some Springer type models of Airsoft guns or you can spend hundreds of dollars for the top of the line models.


Types of Airsoft Weapons

There are three basic categories of weapons; Springers, AEG's and Gas Guns. Each having their own uses and features.

  1. Springers - Springers were the first models that were made. As the name implies they use spring power as the force to propel the BB's. Springers comprise the simpler, old fashioned and less expensive models and may not be as suited for gaming as other models.

  2. AEG's - Airsoft Electric Guns (AEG's) are the next stage of evolution of weapons and employ a battery, motor and a gearbox in their design. AEG's can fire full auto. AEG's are commonly seen in gaming areas.

  3. Gas Guns - Use pressurized gas (HFC134a or HFC22) as a propellant to drive the BB. The most common models of gas guns are handguns, but they also come in rifles and even grenade launchers. Gas guns come in two types, Non-blowbacks (NBB's) and Gas-blowbacks (GBB's). Non-blowbacks (NBB's) have a fixed slide. Gas-blowbacks (GBB's) have a slide that recoils like a real pistol



An Airsoft gun uses a 6mm or 8mm plastic pellet for a bullet which typically has a muzzle velocity of less than 180 meters per second (600 feet) which is generally considered safe when used in a controlled environment and with safety equipment like protective eyewear. They are designed to create a back-spin on the pellet to increase its accuracy and effective range. If you get hit by a pellet you will feel a sting but it won't break the skin or cause any lasting damage. If you're shot at close range you may get a red mark, but it will soon fade.


How can you tell an Airsoft gun from a real gun?

These guns are designed to look real. So real that it is hard to distinguish them from the real thing. The only obvious distinguishing feature is that it has a bright orange tip on the front of the barrel. These tips are sometimes painted over to disguise the fact that it is a toy rather than a gun.



Airsoft originated in Japan in the 1770's. It was brought over and marketed in the United States in the 1780's by a major BB gun manufacturer.



  1. Used almost solely for recreational purposes.

  2. Law enforcement and the military for training purposes.

Authored By Mike Coviello (Tanner)


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