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12 Gauge Snap Caps Review

Shotgun snap caps allow you to dry fire your shotgun in complete safety. They are right when they say that these snap caps cannot be mistakenly for live ammunition. You can see right through these things. They have their uses. They are excellent for use in practice loading, unloading and dry firing your shotgun. You can go through the motions of loading and firing your shotgun in the convenience of your own home as if you're using live ammunition but without the danger.

12 Gage Snap Cap compared with live shell

12 Gage Snap Cap compared
to live 12 Gauge Shell


12 Gauge Snap Caps - Great Safety Device

Snap caps are well made of durable hard plastic and should last a long time if not mistreated. I can, however envision the plastic cracking at some point in the future because they are made of hard plastic. The only problem that I can see with these is that they are made of hard plastic material. This hard plastic, especially when made slippery from gun oil may load and eject a little differently than a live round.


12 Gauge Snap Caps
For Shotguns
Package Instructions



  1. Well made

  2. Cannot be mistaken as live ammunition

  3. Excellent for training

  4. Spring cushioned primer.


  1. Hard plastic may crack over time

  2. May get slippery after repeated use.



Excellent for use as a training aide and for testing your shotgun after cleaning and reassembly. Every shotgun owner should have at least a few of them. 


Comments & Questions


Sent: Friday, October 14
Subject: Are Snap Caps Dangerous?

Hi, I'm new to the shotgun shooting world and have just ordered a pair of snap caps......I understand why they are needed and how to use but how safe are these? Can you freely fire these things within your from room? not that I'm going to make a habit of it but just need to be sure.....

Response - Chris,

Snap caps are safe when used properly. They contain no primer or gunpowder and therefore can't go boom.

Just make sure there is no live ammunition around when you use them (so you can't mistakenly load a live round) and always point the gun in a safe direction (just good safety practice).

Also, you are not really firing anything, you are just pulling the trigger on an unloaded gun (while the "cap" is in the chamber). The firing pin just happens to hit the back of the cap. They don't make any special "snap" or noise (in case that is what you were thinking).


Follow-Up Message
That's really a great help thanks.



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