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OPTI-UPS Enhanced Series ES1500C Review


OPTI-UPS Enhanced Series ES1500C
OPTI-UPS ES1500C Uninterruptible
Power Supply


What is a UPS?

A UPS is an uninterruptible power supply. It is also know as an uninterruptible power source or battery backup system. It is an electronic unit that connects between the powder receptacle and the appliance and provides protected emergency power to the appliance when the main power fails or surges.


I've had my OPTI-UPS ES1500C Enhanced Uninterruptible Power Supply for five years. It has performed flawlessly with no problems whatsoever. I found that the UPS battery lasts about two years with continual use before requiring replacement. I purchased the UPS to protect my electrical equipment from power outages and power fluctuations. I can find nothing bad to say about these units. See all Uninterruptible Power Supplies at Amazon.



OPTI-UPS Enhanced Series ES1500C Battery History

  1. Purchased: 8/10/2005; UPS OPTI-UPS|ES1500C 980W RETAIL; (Serial#: 681252601811) Total (including shipping): $167.93      Current Cost (as of 1/7/10): about $185

  2. Purchased: 10/15/2007; Replacement Battery Pack For ES1500C/PS1000B
    Total (including shipping) $78.00

  3. Purchased: 1/4/2010; Replacement Battery for ES1500C and PS1000B SW-5800. Order Total (including shipping): $92.33


These are the electrical devices that I have connected to my UPS

computer, computer monitor, telephone, computer speakers, plasma tv, telephone answering machine, printer, tv cable box, playstation3, stereo receiver, stereo speakers.



Step by step instructions (with pictures) for replacing OPTI UPS Model ES-1500c Batteries (RBAT9).



AVR to regulate fluctuate voltages As many as 8 outlets to power backup and protect more peripherals against all sorts of electricity disturbances Clear status LED indicators and audible alarms 1050 joules surge energy rating to prevent damage from power surges or spikes Internet/LAN (RJ11/RJ45) surge protection Batteries are hot swappable and very easy to replace Cold Start function. You can turn on UPS even in case there is no AC line power Free UPS management software included.


Authored By Mike Coviello (Tanner)


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