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OPTI UPS Model ES-1500c Battery RBAT9
Replacement Instructions


UPS Replacement Batteries


replacing OPTI UPS Model ES-1500c Batteries (RBAT9)

OPTI-UPS Enhanced Series ES1500C

Remove power plug and relocate the power unit to a suitable workspace.

Back side showing available power connections.

Remove 4 screws from back side of the UPS.

Remove 2 screws from sides of the UPS (1 per side)

Remove 4 screws from bottom of the UPS.

Slide cover off by slowly pulling backwards.



Side view of power supply with cover removed showing battery location.

Remove front panel by gently pulling forward. Start by pulling at the top. Do not pull too far as it remains connected to the power unit by a short electrical cable.

After removal of the front panel cover, place cover on top of unit to get it out of the way of the batter cover plate. You may also opt to disconnect and remove it completely.

Remove 3 screws from battery cover.
Battery cover will swing outward.
Remove battery cover by pulling outward from hing slots.

The old batteries slide out the front, but may stick to the plastic bottom container. You may have to forcefully pry out the old batteries and "un-stick" them any way you can.

 I had to cut the front of the plastic container to allow removal of the old batteries.

Replacement Batteries are delivered as two separate batteries. Remove the cardboard connection protection and discard.

Tape the two new batteries together on the top and bottom sides in a similar fashion as the old batteries are taped.

Old batteries removed.
New batteries taped together and wires connected and ready to be installed into the power supply.

 Batteries (RBAT9) Replacement Instructions as scanned from the OPTI UPS Model ES-1500c Manual.

I found these instructions useful as a guide but they had some errors in them.




Authored By Mike Coviello (Tanner)


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Sent: Tuesday, February 01, 2011
Subject: OPTI UPS Model ES-1500c Battery RBAT9 Replacement Instruction

Thank you for these instructions!


I am glad it helped. I have to refer back to them each time I have to replace batteries.

Sent: Tuesday, February 01, 2011 12:03 PM
Subject: OPTI UPS Model ES-1500c Battery RBAT9 Replacement Instruction

Thank you! My batteries won't power for over a few seconds after 1.5 years. How long do yours last? The light on the UPS is green though.

Response - Allan,

About 2 years.

I replaced the batteries twice. Here are my records.

Purchased: 8/10/2005; UPS OPTI-UPS|ES1500C 980W RETAIL;
Total (including shipping): $167.93

Purchased: 10/15/2007; Replacement Battery Pack For ES1500C/PS1000B
Total (including shipping) $78.00

Purchased: 1/4/2010; Replacement Battery for ES1500C and PS1000B SW-5800
Order Total (including shipping): $92.33