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Shooting Accessories

LaserLyte Laser Training Target System Review
Target system that shows and records laser bullet strikes for firearms training. Use with the laser bullet.
Homak Pistol Box Review
The larger safe (Homak HS10036684) has much more room inside for gun storage. If you're going to buy one of these safes I would recommend the larger one. For an additional $10.00, it is well worth it.
Fingerprint Gun Safe Review
Finding the best fingerprint gun safe to keep your pistols safe and secure.
Homak Pistol Box Owner's Manual & Operating Instructions
(Models HS10036683, HS10036684, HS10036685)
The high-security quick access pistol box is made using the highest grade of raw materials available. Constructed of top quality steel..
Cable Style Gun Lock Installation Instructions
With the slide locked back and the magazine removed, insert the cable through the ejection port and out the magazine well.  To lock: with key turned to farthest..
Eye Protection at the Shooting Range
When I first began my new hobby of target shooting, I realized that I would have to purchase all of the accessories that go with the sport. One of these would be some type of glasses or goggles needed to protect my eyes.
Hatch Patrol Duty Bag D1 Review
Review & pictures of the Hatch Patrol Duty Bag D1. Model JH-BG-D1BAG-1010447 by Hatch.
12 Gauge Snap Caps Review
Great safety device. Allows you to dry fire your shotgun in complete safety. They are right when they say that these snap caps cannot be mistakenly for live ammunition. You can see right through these things.
  A-Zoom Snap Caps, 38 Special Review
Great safety device. Allows you to dry fire your revolver in complete safety. These snap caps cannot be mistakenly for live ammunition. These snap caps do have their uses. They are excellent for use in practice loading..
  Safailand Speed Loader; 38 Special Revolver Review
The concept of this speed loader is great. You simply push the loader into the cylinder of the revolver and all of the rounds automatically release into their respective chambers making the process of loading a revolver quick and easy. When it works, it works great. (Shown with my 357 Magnum Revolver).
  Bianchi Speed Strip, Caliber 38-357 Review
This speed loading strip for a revolver may not be as fast as other speed loaders but it has its' advantages. The speed strip is extremely small and light weight.
  HKS 36 Speed Loader Review
I own three types of speed loaders for my 357 Smith & Wesson revolver. I have a HKS speed loader, a Safariland speed loader and a Bianchi speed strip. Of all three favorite and easiest to use at home or at the range is the HKS 36 speed loader.
  UPLULA Universal Pistol Magazine Loader
One size fits all. No spacers or adjustments. Easy and quick loading. Highly reliable. Loads all 9mm, 357, 10mm, 40 and 45 caliber rebounds and magazines.
  Bushnell Gun Laser Boresighter Review
The Bushnell laser boresighter is adequate for the job for most shooters. I would rate the overall quality as fair. The first thing that strikes you is that it is entirely black plastic which makes reading the markings and stampings on it very difficult.
  Hoppe's BoreSnake for Gun Cleaning Review
The Hoppe's Boresnake pistol cleaner is a great product to keep in your range bag. I own two of them. One for my .22 caliber handguns and one that fits my 357 magnum revolver as well as my 9mm pistols.
  Remington Bore Light Review
The Remington bore light is ideal for inspecting rifle, shotgun and hand gun barrels for obstructions, rust and pitching. The soft LED light eliminates intense glare which effects the ability to see copper jacket fouling in rifling and plastic shotgun buildup in barrels.
  Break Free CLP Lubricant Review
If cleaning your guns has turned into a chore instead of a joy it's time to start using Break Free CLP Lubricant. Since Break Free CLP cleans, lubricates and protects all in one step, cleaning your gun takes less time and you save money.
  Range Bag Contents
What should you put in your Range Bag? You should bring everything you need to prepare, fire, field strip, adjust and repair your firearm every time you go to the gun range.
  Ammo Box Review
Review of Cabelas dry storage ammo box.

Rem Squeeg-E Pull-Through Barrel Cleaner
My friend and I bought a couple of these Remington Squeeg-E Gun Cleaning Parts because they were something new and looked like a good idea.
Pistol Grips From Bicycle Tubes
Last week a friend gave me a piece of bicycle inner tube to make a grip for my Ruger LCP. He used it on his Kel-Tec .380 and said it turned out well. He showed it to me and it looked like a store bought grip.
AOS Safety Professional Ear Muffs Review
The AOS Safety Professional Ear Muffs appear to be well constructed and made from high quality materials. They're not one of those electronic types of earmuffs and have no batteries or electronics at all.
See also.. Hearing Protection for Shooting Guns
Radians Clay Pro Eye Protection Glasses Review
Radians Clay Pro Series shooting glasses are an excellent choice for shooting glasses. Best features include wire frames which don't interfere with wearing ear muffs..
H.L. Bouton Flex Sideshields Review
Slip-On Sideshields are designed to fit all types of eyewear, making them ideal for visitors and temporary workers. They provide a quick and inexpensive way to ensure lateral eye protection.
Safe Dummy Ammunition 9mm Safe Dummy Ammunition 9mm
These dummy rounds are perfect for training and practice. Use them for dry fire practice, clearing jams, trigger control exercises, testing reassembly and functionality and even loading and unloading for novice shooters.
Airsoft Glock 26 Pistol (Style) Airsoft Glock 26 Pistol (Style)
The Airsoft Glock 26 Style Pistol Airsoft Glock 26 Style Pistol is a spring loaded Airsoft replica of the famous Glock 26 pistol. This is an inexpensive, very popular Airsoft spring pistol.
Airsoft Glock 17 Pistol (Style) Airsoft Glock 17 Pistol (Style)
The Airsoft Glock 17 Style Pistol is a spring loaded Airsoft replica of the famous Glock 17 pistol. This is an inexpensive, very popular Airsoft spring pistol.
Does Shooting Guns Lower Blood Pressure? Does Shooting Guns Lower Blood Pressure?
What effect does shooting a gun at the range have on your blood pressure? Will your blood pressure increase or decrease after a shooting session at the range.
Are Hollow Points Legal In Florida? Are Hollow Points Legal In Florida?
It's hard to find a written definitive answer to this question by an authority on the internet. According to all of the websites that I have researched indicate the answer is YES.
Hollow Point Bullet Test Hollow Point Bullet Hole Size Verses Regular Bullet Hole Size
Testing and pictures of hollow point bullet holes verses the same caliber FMJ bullet holes.
Can You Shoot 380 Auto Ammo In A 9MM Pistol? Can You Shoot 380 Auto Ammo In A 9MM Pistol?
During the test, I mistakenly handed a Speer 380 Auto Hollow Point round (thinking it was 9MM) for him to fire in his Glock 17 (which fires 9MM Luger ammo).
Will A Wet Bullet (Ammunition) Shoot? Will A Wet Bullet (Ammunition) Shoot?
I wanted to know if ammunition that has been submerged underwater for a week would still shoot. So I took a some rounds 22lr, 380 and 9mm Luger ammunition and placed them in a bowl of water for one week. I then went to the range and fired each round.
Trigger Terminology  Trigger Terminology
Gun Trigger Definitions & Terminology.
  1. DeSantis Pocket Holsters Nemisis Compact Auto Review

  2. Fobus GL-2 Standard Paddle Holster Review

  3. Ace Case Tuckable Holster Review

  4. Uncle Mikes Inside the Pants Holster Size 5 Review

  5. Uncle Mikes Sidekick Inside the Pants Holster Review

  6. Uncle Mikes Sidekick Holster Size 2 Review

  7. Bulldog Belt Holster Review

  8. Belly Band Concealment Holster Review

  9. Glock 19 Holsters Review

  1. Gun Case For Smith & Wesson Model 22a, 22LR Pistol

  2. Gun Case For Smith & Wesson Model 617, 22LR Revolver

  3. Gun Case for Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum Revolver

Other Reviews

Cheap Man's Bore Snakes
Don't want to spend the money on a bore snake (which basically is a glorified shoe lace) to clean the barrel of your gun or the cylinders of you revolver? Here as some cheap alternatives.

Shooting A Gun In The Dark; Shooting A Gun At Night 
I was curious to know what it would be like to shoot a gun in the dark or at night. Would the bright light of the muzzle flash make me lose my night vision?

Targets for Gun Shooting

Printable Zombie Target

Shooting Terms & Definitions

Bond Arms Driving Holster Review

Compact Glock

Failure To Extract (FTE) Problems

Handgun Maintenance

New Gun Break In Period

Lee Powder Funnel Review

Target For Diagnosing Shooting Problems

Cleaned Primer Pocket Showing Removed Carbon

Glock Slide Stop Lever #26

Pistol Grips


Home & Car

Minka Ceiling Fans Concept II Flush Model F518, Model F519 Review
I was impressed with it's heavy weight and professional packaging of the box that it came in.  Installation of a ceiling fan was easy and straightforward.
Minka Ceiling Fans Instruction Manual for Concept II Flush Model F518, Model F519
The Concept II requires 75% less time and labor to assemble than conventional ceiling fans.
Best Do It Yourself Plywood Hurricane Shutters
Plywood hurricane shutters are strong, affordable, easy to make and install if you are a do-it-yourselfer who can saw wood.
Raccoon In Attic; Raccoon Damage
Raccoon Damage To A Florida House. This is what a mother raccoon can do to a Florida house if not evicted promptly.
Fire Extinguishers In Your Home
How many fire extinguishers should you have in your home? Where should you place the fire extinguishers in your home? Common sense answers to these and other questions regarding home and household fire extinguishers.
Kidde 21005779 Pro 210 Fire Extinguisher Review
Auto Emergency Kits; Car Emergency Kits
This is a list of items and supplies that you should always have in your car for normal travel as well as emergency situations.
Hurricane Preparations
Checklist of supplies to buy and preparations to do before a hurricane or storm.

- Emergency Evacuation Instructions
- Emergency Food List
- Emergency & Survival Kit Supplies
- How Much Emergency Food Do You Need?
- How To Be Prepared - Emergency Preparations

Emergency Backpack Kit Contents
If you have to leave your house in a hurry due to a hurricane, fire or other emergency situation, an emergency backpack filled with essential supplies would be the first thing to grab.
First Aid Kits
Having a comprehensive first aid kit in your house and car is an important first step in preparing for rendering medical attention when needed.
Bushnell Powerview 16x50 Binoculars Review


How to Clean a Dog's Ears
If you're by yourself, cleaning your dog's ears can be a quite a problem. Dogs don't seem to like it much when you squirt ear cleaning solution into their ears. Even if they stood still for it the first ear, good luck trying it on the other ear.
Trimming Your Dog's Claws
Cutting the nails or claws of your dog can be a very difficult chore. I don't know about you, but all my dogs didn't like it very much when I would grab their paw and try to clip one of their nails.
Best Puppy Toys
The best puppy toys are those that occupy your puppy for long periods of time, don't make a lot of noise, are long lasting and are inexpensive. Here are some suggestions.
Pet Monitoring Cameras
What is a pet monitoring camera? A pet monitoring camera is a camera for watching the actions and behaviors of your pets. There are two forms of a..
Are Rawhide Chews Safe For Dogs?
Learn about the risks you take when you give your dog a rawhide chew. Dogs love them and spend hours chewing them but are they really dangerous?
Pet Sitter Instructions
Example pet sitter instructions.
How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?
A few months ago I lost my seven year old lab to liver disease. Over the last few months of his life I wracked up over $4,500 in vet bills for diagnostic tests alone. I have a new puppy now and am looking into pet insurance.
PAW-zzle Ball Review
PAW-zzle Ball is one of the best dog toys that I have ever owned. This one has lasted for several years and is still going strong.
Cute Puppy Pictures
Why Do Puppies Eat Rocks?
Chewing rocks can damage your dogs teeth and mouth. If swallowed rocks can cause intestinal blockage, vomiting, diarrhea and choking resulting in death.

If My Dog Eats Airsoft BBs Will It Harm Him?


Hamilton Beach/Proctor Silex 4 Cup Coffee Maker C40107
Sharp R-420LW Family-Size 1-2/5-Cubic-Foot Countertop Microwave Oven, White
by Sharp



OPTI-UPS Enhanced Series ES1500C
I've had my UPS OPTI-UPS|ES1500C 980W for five years. It has performed flawlessly with no problems whatsoever. I found that the UPS battery lasts about two years with continual use before requiring replacement.
Step by step instructions (with pictures) for replacing OPTI UPS Model ES-1500c Batteries (RBAT9).
Step by step instructions (with pictures) for replacing OPTI UPS Model ES-1500c Batteries (RBAT9).
Onkyo TX-SR605 7.1-Channel Home Theater Receiver
I've had my Onkyo TX-SR605 7.1-Channel Home Theater Receiver for two years. It has performed flawlessly with no problems whatsoever.  The only negative things..
AT&T 1739 - Corded Digital Answering Machine Review
Sound is loud, crisp and clear and better than other more expensive phone answer machines. The unit is compact, easy to install and very user friendly. I have been using mine for over three years with absolutely no problems.
Adding A Second Hard Drive To Dell Dimension 8400 Computer
Step by step pictorial instructions for adding a second hard drive to a Dell Dimension 8400 Computer.
Vantec Nexstar CX NST-300S2-BK 3.5 Inch SATA to USB 2.0 External Hard Drive Enclosure (Black) Review
Step by step pictorial instructions for installing a hard drive into the Vantec Nexstar CX NST-300S2-BK 3.5 Inch SATA to USB 2.0 External Hard Drive Enclosure.
Extra Bright Flashlight; Rayovac RAYSE4W3C
Rayovac RAYSE4W3C High Intensity Flashlight with pictures comparing it's high intensity beam with that of a normal bulb type flashlight.
Garrity KN300G Emergency Lamp Review
Review of the Garrity KN300G Emergency Lamp - POSITIVE REVIEW. BUY ONE. Even if you never use it this lamp it is great to have in the house for emergency situations.
Garrity KN300G Emergency Lantern Review
Review of the GARRITY 4 LED Lantern with Smart LITE® 5-Function Switch Item #K013G - POSITIVE REVIEW. BUY ONE. Even if you never use it this lantern is great to have in the house for emergency situations.
Energizer Headlight Model HDL33AINE Review
I just received my Energizer 6 LED Headlight from It took a few minutes but I finally opened up the tough plastic packaging and retrieved the headlight..

Watch Battery Review - Energizer 357/303 Battery; SR44



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